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Student Work

As an art professor, teaching has been a very rewarding journey for me. I have explored and taught different mediums and techniques in various classes, from jewelry designs to 3D, 2D, and digital design. My teaching philosophy revolves around both exploration of material and self motivation, which I have found to be the most effective way to help my students unleash their creative potential.


Intro to Jewelry

Self Portrait - Cold Connection 

Student's designed styled self portraits as their first project that they then cold connected using rivets. 

3D Design

Tape Sculptures

Students built small components that are combined together to form a large tape sculpture. 


Graphic Design

Logo Design

Student's created a made up business or a business they would like to own in the future. They then selected theme, colors, fonts, and mission for the company. After this they designed their logo for the company. 

Intro to Jewelry

Hollow Constuction

Student's explored childhood treasures and toys to recreate designs in metal using hollow construction  technique. 


Digital Design 

Photoshop Animation

Student's create a digital painting in photoshop that they then animated. 

3D Design

Cardboard Relief

Student's select a famous painting to recreate in cardboard as a relief. 

Shae Mallow-ISO-200,SS-640,F-10.jpg

Digital Photography


Student's explore creating high contrast photos while practicing composition and controlling exposure. 

Intro to Jewelry

Overlay Ring

Student's first time working with sterling silver, create a overlay ring that is solder and formed. 

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